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In the County of Red Deer Use Lo-Call... Dial 357-1770 and then 227-2866 and save on Long Distance


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Lifelong learning...  it's our business

The Association offers courses to adults in 3 areas:


Adult Literacy


Lifelong Learning


Family Literacy


The Henday Association for Lifelong Learning is a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to provide learning opportunities to adults in the County of Red Deer, especially to those individuals with special needs or barriers to learning.  Program funding is provided primarily by grants from Alberta Learning.

Program Goals


To provide opportunities for individuals to acquire important foundational skills such as literacy and English as a Second language.


 To address education, training and learning gaps in the communities of the County of Red Deer.


To help solving individual and community problems through learning. initiatives, in coordination and cooperation with related organizations.


To provide family literacy programs in communities throughout the County.


To provide special interest programs on a cost recovery basis.


All courses offered by the Association are provided in the most economical way possible.  Tuition fees are therefore kept as low as possible.  However, a minimum number of students are required in order for a course to run.  In order to determine this, we need to have registrations confirmed and the tuition fees paid at least one week in advance of the start date of the course.  If the minimum number is not reached, the course will be canceled or postponed.

Subsidies are available to all who cannot pay the full tuition fee.  For information, or to register for any course, call (403)227-2866. 

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